Farm Policies

Our Farm Policies

We want you to have a great time relaxing at CornDodgers Farm, however, there is a little business to attend to.  We instituted a few simple rules to help ensure your safety and to make your experience as pleasant and worry-free as possible.  We reserve the right to remove anyone from CornDodgers Farm grounds without refund for violating the rules or disturbing others.

Please stay on the pathways.  We put a lot of effort into designing and growing The MAiZE.  Cutting through the rows not only takes away from your experience but from everyone who comes after you.  We promise everyone who has gone into The MAiZE has eventually come out (well, there was that one person…), so it can be done.  Cutting through the rows won’t help–and if we catch you, it may just hurt!  Cutting through cornrows will result in immediate expulsion from The MAiZE.

No picking or throwing corn.  Hey, we realize you can do more with corn than just eat it–why else would we be crazy enough to cut a maze into it?  But throwing corn is still one thing you can’t do.  This includes inside the corn box as well as the maze itself.  If it hits someone, it hurts!  If you have an uncontrollable urge to launch an ear of corn, please visit our Corn Cannon once you exit the maze.

No running.  Please remember that this is not a race.  Take your time and watch your step on the pathways.  Walking through a cornfield is not like walking on a sidewalk.  There are a few bumps along the way, we just don’t want you to be one of them.

No smoking.  Smoking on CornDodgers Farm grounds is prohibited.  Corn stalks and cigarettes are a bad combination.

No alcohol.  This isn’t a field of hops!  CornDodgers Farm is good farmin’ fun for all ages, including children.  In consideration of all maze-goers, alcohol is not allowed on-premises.

No littering.  As you travel through our tribute to farmers, think of the pathways as highways.  There’s no littering allowed there, and there’s no littering allowed here.  For your convenience, there are garbage bins posted inside and outside the maze.  A few “corn cops” will be hot on the trail of anyone caught littering.

No inappropriate language.  Please be mindful of others and watch what you say.  We know it is a challenge in there (it was designed to be that way), but remember that no one likes to hear bad language.  Even corn has ears.

No pets.  We love our pets as much as the next guy, unfortunately, they don’t find mazes very amusing.  Service animals only, please.

No unsupervised children.  Children under 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.  Children 3 and under on the cow train must ride with an adult.  Please do not allow children to enter the Animal Barn without an adult.

No shoes or sharp objects on the jumping pillow.  Ever seen what happens when an 1800 square foot inflated pillow gets punctured?  Neither have we and we don’t want to.  Remove all shoes and potentially sharp objects before getting on the pillow.  You break it, you bought it  ;-).

Slide Rules.  Feet first, one person at a time only.  Do not climb on anything outside the slide.

Please remember that this is a farming environment.  The ground is uneven in places.  Please let us know immediately if you see anything that needs our attention.  CornDodgers Farm is not responsible for injury or property loss.

That’s all!  Come out, relax, and have a great time at CornDodgers Farm!

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