Lots to Eat!

CornDodgers Farm offers multiple places to get your grub on and whet that thirst!
Card and cash accepted at all food stations.

Chow down!

We’re cooking up all kinds of savory goodness at The Rustic Rooster.  Get your fill of chicken tenders, french fries, corn dogs, pulled pork BBQ, and more.  Keep scrolling for our full menu!

Snack time!

  • When you want just a bite, check out The Salty Kernel!  Boiled peanuts, Kettle Corn, and roasted corn!  Thirsty?
  • Drink up! We serve Pepsi products, bottled water, fruit shoot, hot chocolate, sweet tea and lemonade at both The Rustic Rooster and Jimbo’s Finish Line Tavern.
  • Do you want to build a…snow cone?  Stop by The Frozen Boll for a snow cone with syrup made fresh on the farm.
  • Cake by the slice and other sweet treats at The Crooked Porch.
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