Just Desserts

Satsuma Shortcake

Fun, fresh dessert make with vanilla pound cake, whipped cream, and Satsuma oranges grown right on the farm.
1.10 per serving, 50 minimum order

Chocolate E’Clair Cake

Layers of crunchy graham crackers, vanilla and chocolate puddings, and whipped cream
75 per pan/serves approx. 100

Fresh Fruit Shortcake Kebobs

Skewers of fresh seasonal fruits layered with vanilla pound cake and drizzled with white chocolate sauce
1 per skewer/50 minimum order

Apple Dumplings

Cinnamon apple slices wrapped in pastry and baked to warm perfection.  Add vanilla ice cream and caramel for a cozy treat. Must be served warm.
1.75 per serving/50 minimum order
a la mode 2.25 per serving/50 minimum order

Gourmet Brownies

Various flavors of chocolaty and non-chocolaty goodness.  From classic fudge to more exotic satsuma, you are sure to find a flavor to please.  48 brownies per case.  No split cases.
Fudge 42/case
Peanut Butter Cheesecake 62.50/case
Cookie Dough 85/case
Oreo Cookie 85/case
Pumpkin Pie 90/case
Orange Blossom (no chocolate) 54.50/case
Salted Caramel 75/case

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