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A Bite of This, A Bite of That
Customize your menu by choosing any combination of our signature hors d’oeuvres, or heck, just choose them all!  Price below
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Just Desserts
Satsuma Shortcake Fun, fresh dessert make with vanilla pound cake, whipped cream, and Satsuma oranges grown right on the farm.
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Spring Field Trips–Getting the Buzz About Bees
Book your class field trip today!  This year CornDodgers Farm will be debuting its spring field trip program.  Field trips
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Sweet summertime!
We are super excited to begin offering summer field trips!  Bring your group out for a morning full of crazy
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Corn Maze Dreams
Ever have that dream where you have to give a class presentation only to look down and realize you have
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Just how do they do it?
I guess the number one question we get asked (aside from how do we make the maze shape) is how
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Goldie’s Trip to CornDodgers Farm
We’ve got a new resident at CornDodgers Farm, Maizie the Frog!   Owing to the HUGE response to our Facebook post of
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Off to the Corn Maze…
We had the best opening weekend ever and have you guys to thank for it!  The weekend was absolutely beautiful,
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Bounce back to CornDodgers Farm
Bounce back to CornDodgers Farm for half the price!  We are launching our Bounce Back pass this year and here’s
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