Get lost — in seven acres of tall corn!

The mock up of our 2014 corn maze–ode to a farmer.

Corn Field Maze

Get lost in our seven acre corn field maze!  If you’re scared of the dark, come during the day.  Glowsticks sold at entrance, bring a flashlight, or simply navigate the maze by moonlight.  Farm fun for all!  It typically takes about an hour to get through the maze, maybe more.

Haunted Trail Maze

Spanning an entire acre, the haunted trail maze is sure to make your hair stand on end!  Great for a “family scare.”  Dates and times TBA.

Without the farmer, we don’t have clothes to wear or food to eat so we thought it only fitting to devote our 2014 maze to those who help the world turn.  Thank you to all the farmers for you sweat, prayers, and sometimes tears, that put the food on our tables and clothes on our backs.

Beginning mid-October, come play with the Children of the Corn in our Haunted Trail Maze! Check out this video from within the maze Corn Maze Adventures 2009 

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