Off to the Corn Maze…

We had the best opening weekend ever and have you guys to thank for it!  The weekend was absolutely beautiful, tailor made for some corn maze time, not to mention slide time, jumping pillow time, hayride time, pony ride time, the list goes on.

We’re already looking forward to next weekend.  I know the weather man is being a little bit of a fuddy-duddy, but hey, the weekend’s still a good piece away and who know what will change between now and then.  We’re getting ready for you and that means getting pumpkins out and decorating the “patch.”  We can’t wait to see you this weekend.

Don’t forget to get your Bounce Back passes before you leave!

Bounce back to CornDodgers Farm

Bounce back to CornDodgers Farm for half the price!  We are launching our Bounce Back pass this year and here’s how it works:

1.  Visit CornDodgers Farm

2.  Have a GREAT time

3.  On  your way out (or in)  stop by the gift shop and purchase your Bounce Back pass for $5.50 plus tax ($6.00 total)

4.  Use your Bounce Back pass any time we are open during the 2016 season.

Bounce Back passes may also be used on Haunted Trail nights as your general admission.  That means you would only pay an additional $3 for the Haunted Trail at the gate and get to enjoy all the regular activities as well.  Passes may only be used by the person who purchases them.  They are not subject to transfer, refund, or exchange.  Bounce back passes must be purchased prior to leaving the grounds.  They are not valid with other special offers or birthday parties.

So easy and so affordable!  We can’t wait to see you there!

So much going on

Hi all!

We’ve been a little absent on here the last couple weeks, but it’s just because we’re busy, busy, busy getting more fun stuff ready for you!  A lot of exciting things are happening on the “hidden” side of CornDodgers as well.  We are now accepting credit card payments via Square which means we now accept all major credit cards at the ticket booth, not to mention a faster check in for you.  We have also started online ticket sales.  Don’t wait in line!  Get your tickets ahead of time and check in at our special window.  Tickets purchased online may be used for any open dates this season, you do not need to specify a date when ordering.

And did I forget to mention that crazy slide thing?  It is almost done and our Holly just cannot wait to give it a test run.  Fifteen feet high and thirty feet long, it is sure to please (especially since it’s included with your admission)!  Pictures to come…

What?? Where?? When??

It has come to my attention that many of you just don’t know who we are and what we do.  Well, we just can’t have that can we?  In a nutshell, we are located at 1555 Knowles Road in Headland.  We are a family fun farm that caters to all ages and stages.  We are open weekends starting the last Saturday in September every year (in this case September 28) and close the last Sunday in October (the 27th).  Among our many attractions are a 7-acre corn maze, gigantic jumping pillow, cow train, hayrides, corn box, and corn cannon.  That’s not to mention the pony rides and animal barn.  Now that we have covered the basics, read on for a more in-depth corn-ography. [click to continue…]

How do we do that?

Howdy folks,

We get a lot of questions about how exactly we make the maze.  How do we pick a design, how do we get it in the corn, how much do we pay the aliens?  Well here goes…

The design phase usually starts in early March.  Really, you say, that early in the year?  Really!  Something is going on virtually year-round be it planning, networking, developing new attractions, you name it.  For the corn maze attraction, we work with a design company out of Utah, The Maize Company, who have been designing and creating mazes for over 13 years in the United States, Canada, and Italy.  Our design can come from any number of places, depending on current events, local events, or Amanda’s mood.  Eric and Amanda usually hash it out while in the car running errands or over the dinner table.  The process basically involves one or the other throwing out an idea with the other having veto power.  Some years are pretty easy, like when we decided to honor Fort Rucker or the Alabama farmer.  Others are a little more difficult, like this year’s design.  This year was actually the latest we ever decided on a design, not finalizing it until early July, and actually went through about 7 or 8 designs before deciding on a 5th anniversary celebration.  Even that almost got scrapped at the last minute. [click to continue…]

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