Getting the Buzz About Bees Spring Field Trips

Book your class field trip today!  This year CornDodgers Farm will be debuting its spring field trip program.  Field trips start at 9 a.m. and feature our all new “Getting the Buzz About Bees” curriculum as well as:
  • Flower Planting
  • Wagon Ride
  • Barnyard Ballzone
  • Rubber duck races
  • Tug of war
  • Tractor Playland
  • Jumping Pillow
  • Cow train rides
  • All new goat walk
  • Rat rollers
  • Tire swings and games
Available dates:  May 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, and 19.  9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Price: $8 per student, $6 per chaperone, teachers admitted free.  Reservations are required.  Contact us here.

Limited concessions available.  Sack lunches welcome.  Climate controlled, handicap accessible bathrooms on premises.

Sweet summertime!

We are super excited to begin offering summer field trips!  Bring your group out for a morning full of crazy fun activities and a little learning along the way!  Field trips are available to groups of all ages beginning June 2016, Thursdays and Fridays 9:30 to 12.  Trips include:

  • Giant jumping pillow
  • Cow train
  • Rubber duck races
  • Barnyard ball zone
  • Tractor Playland
  • Tire Pyramid
  • Farm Games
  • Garden in a Glove educational activity
  • Gem mining and gem stone identification (at the new Lost Yer Mine)

Field trips are available to supervised groups only (day cares, summer programs, etc).  Unfortunately, we cannot allow individual children to be dropped off.  Cost is $8 per child and includes a bottle of water.  Teachers/camp directors are admitted free of charge.  You are also welcome to bring additional snacks and/or sack lunches.  Climate controlled bathrooms are available on premises.

Contact Amanda via call/text at 334.726.1485 or email  Field trips are by reservation only.

Corn Maze Dreams

Ever have that dream where you have to give a class presentation only to look down and realize you have on no pants?  Yeah?  Well, we have a version of that too. 

It was opening day and people were coming down the driveway and in that moment I realized a huge bookcase (why is that there at all???) was covering the concession stand.  I pushed it down with my super human she-woman strength only to see that I had no food!  What’s worse, I had no drinks!  No Pepsi truck had graced us with its presence because I had not ordered any!  I found some Dr Pepper and decided that would work (this is a dream, remember) and hey, there’s a corn field right there (never mind it’s field corn, not sweet corn, I’m desperate and I’ll figure something out).  Wait, didn’t we grow a few peanuts this year?  I can use those.

Phew!  One hurdle down.  Wait, where are the animals?  Is that seriously a goat on the slide?  And where is the corn for the corn cannon?  That’s right, the ponies are eating it.  At least I know where they are.  Now where did the hayride trailer go?  Why am I the only employee on this farm???!!

Thank goodness I woke up at that point and have never been more happy to realize something was just a dream. Time to breathe into a paper bag for a while.  See, we work really hard about 10 months out of the year to make sure your experience at CornDodgers Farm is exceptional and sometimes all the planning and particulars get a little overwhelming.  We take our family fun obligations very seriously.

 Ten, fifteen years from now, the kids might not remember how it felt to jump on a 30 x 60 pillow (well, who are we kidding, they probably will), but they will for sure remember big sis putting down the phone and jumping with them.  Oh, and making corn angels in the corn crib with Papa, that was awesome!  The 2015 maze design will be long forgotten but not laughing with Mom the seventh time she took the same turn and man, did you see the view from the top of the slide?  Maybe little Billy rung the barrel at the corn cannon, maybe he didn’t, but he does know he shot it farther than Dad did and that was pretty cool.  

Our tagline and mission is “make some memories, start a tradition.”  That’s why we are here.  The attractions are super fun but they are just a means to an end.  Whether you come every year or this October will be your first, we sincerely hope you enjoy our farm and use it to make some memories that will last a lifetime.

Just how do they do it?

Thinking, thinking, thinkingI guess the number one question we get asked (aside from how do we make the maze shape) is how do we do it?  Just where do we come up with all these crazy ideas?  That answer is long and a bit complicated but the short version is: other attractions, people we meet, stuff we see, our children, and well, we just don’t know. 

Every year, we attend a conference with maze owners from across the United States and Canada.  We share ideas, tour farms and other attractions, and really have a lot of fun.  It was at such a conference that we met the co-creator and builder of our “big idea” this year–The Crooked Porch. 

Yep, this is where it started.

Yep, this is where it started.

What do you think?  Not much yet, huh.  And, yes, it is supposed to look like that although Eric is fond of saying we lost the level along the way.  Here’s how my conversation with Tim (our builder) went.  Me :  “I want something no one within 200 miles has.  Something like Dr. Seuss meets old grandpa on the porch.  A real conversation starter.”  Tim:  “Okay.”

That was it.  A few sketches later, The Crooked Porch at CornDodgers Farm was officially born.  Tim and his wife, Beth, made the trek from Oklahoma to start building and for three solid weeks…it rained.  Every…single…day.  Not just a little rain, but mud making, drown your spirits, make you want to rant and rave, rain. 

But what can a farmer do but persevere?  We put our happy faces on (cause, let me tell you, I have never been more excited about a project than this one!) and kept building as best we could.  Wouldn’t you know it, the day Tim and Beth left, the rain stopped.  Cold turkey.  Ha!  Such is life on the farm.  We picked up finishing the building ourselves, and let me tell you, it has been an adventure!  You know when people say they will only ever build one house?  The same holds true for barns, bakeries, and gift shops (well, probably not really, but we’ll go with that for now).  Hang in there with us and we share the joys, triumphs, and sometimes tribulations of the single largest project we have ever taken on. 


We’ve got a new resident at CornDodgers Farm, Maizie the Frog!  
Owing to the HUGE response to our Facebook post of certain recycled tire frog, she has now come to live at the end of our sunflower path!  Now there are several tutorials out there for those who want to bring a Maizie (at least that’s what we call her) to their backyards, but we thought you might like a little peek at how we got her to come live with us.  Almost all of the materials were recycled, so the entire structure cost us maybe $30, the largest expense being paint.

So here’s how Maizie came to live at CornDodgers Farm… [click to continue…]

Member of The MAiZE